Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hero's in a half munn...

Whoa...after a brutal amount of not sleeping I finally finished my custom munny for desoto's gallery showing in Denver CO. Im excited and i can't wait to get this guy shipped out ASAP! I decided to go with my childhood favourties yet again with my work...and made a teenage mutant ninja munny! Complete with bent sai weapon, pizza, belt and skateboard...KOWABUNGA!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Custom Toy Show in Denver

hey doods....looooooooooooong time no post....i've been super busy with my demo, work and freelance jobs recently that i haven't had the chance to do some work of my own in a while....but here's my next chance....there is a BIG custom toy show in Denver CO in july and guess who's been invited to show?....just look at #9 on the list =)...i will be posting the custom when i finish and hopefully it will be fresh to death =P...big props to DESOTO for hooking it up!

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