Saturday, April 22, 2006

f*ck it im finished...graffiti snowy nights

you know what...i said to myself...f*ck it im finishing this scene since ive done 75% of it already...i actually made it into a 20 second cinematic sequence and it is my last demo reel piece...the funny thing is i actually had fun texturing it all...on the buildings and subway there are some bombs, tags and pieces by some of the most famous graffiti writers around the world...seen, dalek, kaws, felon, buff monster, twist and many many more...including myself haha =P

i'll try and post my full demo on utube when im done so you guys can see the entire sequence =)



Monday, April 17, 2006

graffiti nights...goes 3d?

whats up guys...well im heading through the last stretch of my demo reel's completion...and what can i say...15 hour work days are making me exausted...i'm at the point where im trying to filter out things for my demo and cut it a bit shorter...a lot harder than it sounds =(

now im stuck with the decision if i should try and finish my graffiti nights cinematic 3d sequence (which means i must work 24 hour days haha)... it quits and stick with what i have done...with about 1 week left i gotta make a choice quick...what do you guys think?



Saturday, April 15, 2006

Athletesworld T-Shirt Tag

well my athletesworld t-shirt should be hitting the stores sometime this summer. So be sure to keep your eyes open and pick one up if you get the chance. Athletesworld requested that i design the sales tag for the T-Shirt as well, so i jumped on the chance and came up with a few ideas...this is the final one i went with and the Athletesworld guys agreed it would best represent the here it is...a little preview of things to come =)



Monday, April 03, 2006

the last of the Monsturbia work...

well it looks like the monsturbia game for the science center is on to its last not sure if it will get done due to the work strike, but hopefully it will all work out and we can get a nice game out for the kids to play...after all i'm only doing it for the kids man!!! Here is the final textured, unwraped, skined, edgelooped mesh for the Monsturbia monster and the video game box art for the game.

this will probably be one of my last blogs for a little while, as i'm getting into the last few weeks of work on my demo reel and the 17 hour days will keep me quite busy...hopefully it will all work out though =)

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